Small Spaces Online Agility Handling Class

Currently offering ongoing enrollment – you can start at anytime
6 weekly lessons & course maps + 1 week catch up break = 7 week Course (3 drills per week)
6 Months access to all Material & Videos
Taught By: Tara LaBelle

6 X BC/Yukon Regional Champion
2 X AAC National Champion
8 X IFCS Medalist
3 X World Champion

Equipment Needed:

4 Jumps

1 Tunnel

Class is designed towards those who want to set-up short, effective training drills working on skills like improving tight turns,backside jumps, threadles. Most drills are 10-13 obstacles. You’ll get video of me running my dog’s on the courses and working spots can post unlimited videos of there dogs running the drills for feedback. You can set-up the drills in either a smaller space or larger depending on what area you have access to. Drills are different then our 2018 spaces ebook.
$135/cdn Working Spot
$65/  cdn Auditing Spot

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Small Spaces Online Class


Running Dogwalk ? Running Aframe ? Both ?
This is 15 Week online class contains 7 lesson plans. Our running contact class covers both the running a-frame & dogwalk from the very beginning foundation steps to difficult; independent turns at full height. Feedback will be personalized to each team’s progression & training level. Whether you’re interested in teaching JUST a running a-frame, looking to retrain from stopped contacts, would like help teaching difficult turns, or teaching both a running aframe and dogwalk.
Each lesson will include both video demonstrations by our dogs and a detailed written explanation for you to review. Our course is run on a private Facebook page.
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